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The WunderTeam – yes, it’s as awesome as the name suggests.

Wunderteam: the group coaching programme to fast track your digital agency’s growth online

Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be lonely!

Join the WunderTeam group coaching programme and meet like-minded, growth-focused, digital agency owners and online business owners just like you.

What do you get with WunderTeam Group Coaching?

A whole bunch of awesome goodies:
strategy session

A monthly 90-minute group Zoom strategy session – dedicate time to working on your agency. Each session, you’ll set marketing and business goals, identify actions to stretch your comfort zone, step-by-step, and grow your business.

ZOOM socials

A monthly Wunderbar Zoom session where we celebrate wins, go through questions, and explore new ideas to help your business and confidence grow over a G&T, tea, or wine – joined by the fabulous Wunderstars 1:1 crew too!

Exclusive training

Access to my exclusive training library and personal branding tools:

  • How to excel at video marketing
  • Marketing planning for success
  • Sharing your story with impact
  • Productivity processes to free up your time
Group challenges

Regular fun group challenges, including:

  • How to identify your brand values
  • How to get to know your ideal audience
  • How to identify your super strengths and develop personal brand values
  • 10 steps to growing in live video confidence
  • How to update your LinkedIn profile in 10 easy steps
  • Stories Finder: unleash the power of storytelling
you can expect

Friendly accountability with weekly WhatsApp check-ins, prize draws for completing challenges, joint implementation sessions and regular accountability messages. I love helping my Wunderstars to get things done!

inspiration & tips

Content inspiration and engagement tips for your channels. I love helping my Wunderstars to get things done, including creating Reels, blogs, LinkedIn and YouTube videos.

office hours

Weekly ‘office hours’ where you can put your questions to me via WhatsApp or Facebook messenger. Also enjoy a super supportive WunderTeam WhatsApp group.

ready to get started? book a free discovery

Call with me.

3 month minimum commitment required, 1st month to be invoiced in advance to secure your slot.


It’s natural to have a few questions… so here are a few

FAQs for you

We’ll assess together how much time you have available for Wunderstars and I’ll tailor your ‘homework’ between calls to reflect that.

I do want to work with people who are ready to take their business to the next level, and I recommend that you commit a minimum of 60 minutes per week.

As business owners, we’re all short of time. Making time to market yourself and your business, will help you get better paying clients and ultimately free up some of your valuable time.

I’m known for being German and efficient and I’ll share all of my productivity and time-saving hacks with you. 👍

We will have one 90 minute strategy session each month – during which we review your goals, set actions and explore tactics for growing your audience.

At the beginning of each month, I’ll review your digital footprint and provide a video with the feedback and a written action list for you. And if we agreed homework, such as writing a new about you page, creating a new blog or recording a new video – I will review these too, so that you get better and better!

I’ll share regular content ideas and engagement tips for your channels and audience to make it easy for you to create interesting channels.

Wunderstar VIPs will have access to an online training library, with resources covering:

  • How to get to know your ideal audience
  • How to identify your strengths and personal brand values
  • How to come up with your content sweet spot and on brand content ideas
  • How to update your LinkedIn profile in 10 easy steps
  • 10 LinkedIn tactics to grow your audience and influence
  • 10 steps to growing in live video confidence

Most importantly, when you get stuck, have a burning question or need a bit of extra encouragement, you can contact me in between the sessions via WhatsApp or Facebook messenger, I’ll be holding weekly office hours so that you can continue making progress towards your goals every week!

Online training will be a combination of work-sheets, videos and exercises.

Absolutely. We will have a Zoom call every month and will keep in touch weekly via WhatsApp.

In between meetings, there will be tasks set to will help you meet your goals and you can ask questions whenever you are stuck  – I want you to succeed 🙂

Yes this programme is for people who have limited knowledge of social media. My aim is to take the fear out of social media and to help you look great on your chosen channels.

We’ll explore your goals, this could include building your profile on LinkedIn to get noticed by senior decision makers or to set up a Facebook group for your clients.

I will not overwhelm you with information but rather take you through the basics at your own pace.

Yes, recruiters will check you out on LinkedIn, the world’s leading B2B platform and this programme will give you the confidence and skills to have the best possible LinkedIn presence. I’ll show you how to optimise your profile and how to grow your audience.

The aim is to get your marketing off the ground by creating all of the essential building blocks at a pace which works for you. I’ll offer consultancy for a range of building blocks, including :

  • Creating a personal brand (I’ll guide you through the process for developing values and a visual approach) so that you can be seen as the expert in your niche
  • Improving or building your website
  • Optimising your social media presence
  • Launching a newsletter and lead magnet to grow your audience
  • Planning and creating content to build an audience of people who know, like and trust you, and ultimately BUY your services.

The aim of the coaching programme is to make you self sufficient. As you earn more income, you’re likely to outsource some of the marketing activities to free up your time and enable your business to grow. For example, a social media manager could run your social media accounts.

Throughout the programme, I’ll share training videos with you and help you to apply the marketing learning to your unique situation.

We will be applying tried and tested, best branding and marketing practice. I have a wealth of experience and am skilled at breaking down goals into actions and helping people work through them, providing additional support as it’s needed.

I really want you to succeed and for this reason, am only accepting 6 Wunderstars at any time. My own website traffic grew by 200% and social media referrals by 150% within a year and I am now paid to speak at industry events.  I will take you through the same process, presenting all the shortcuts and tons of encouragement.

Our goal: To grow your audience, to increase your visibility and to increase your bookings.

My first Wunderstar client increased his hourly rates by over 80% within one month of starting to work with me. We launched his first LinkedIn video (from never having recorded a video) and it had over 1200 views, 90 likes and comments within 48 hours of posting. What sweet results! 

A 3 month minimum commitment is required. Following this, you can cancel on a monthly basis.

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The group coaching programme to fast track your digital agency’s growth online

The WunderTeam group coaching programme and meet like-minded, growth-focused, digital agency owners and online business owners just like you.

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