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Wordfest: 30 Days Of
Content Inspiration
For Digital Agency Owners

over 30 content ideas

you can easily adapt to create
standout social media posts in no time!

It was great to meet you at WordFest! You already know you need to keep your social profiles updated with engaging, relevant, and entertaining posts. Without them, you’re losing brand awareness online – and missing out on leads to someone who’s more visible online.

With this GUIDE, apply my proven marketing tactics, drive engagement, and get noticed by your dream clients (the ones that are fun to work with and pay your worth!).


My name’s Nicole and I’ve worked in marketing for the last 20 years.

I’m also German. Why’s that important? I’m efficient and logical, with heaps of empathy towards what busy business owners are dealing with.

The stereotype exists for a reason! (I do have a sense of humour though, don’t worry!)

I’m here to help you get things done and get results.

I got my first taste of marketing at 15 in my family’s business selling sunglasses in Wismar – a beautiful German seaside town. I still love going to the beach, but my real passion is helping fast-moving agencies grow, attract the right clients, and ultimately charge what they’re worth.

I work with ambitious digital agency owners and entrepreneurs. I love helping you stand out with your content to win your ideal clients. NOW get your free guide.

Content Inspiration for Digital Agency Owners

30 Days Of
Content Inspiration

For Digital Agency Owners

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