1-on-1 coaching

One-on-one coaching for digital agency owners

Create an unforgettable presence that keeps your ideal clients coming back for more.

Wunderstars 1-on-1 is a fusion of personal branding, social media, and content marketing training and coaching.

Designed for growth-minded digital agency owners, the Wunderstars personal coaching programme helps you uncover (and solve) the things that are holding you back from creating the agency you want.

Nicole Osborne Marketing Coach for Digital Agency Owners

Is Wunderstars 1-on-1 coaching the right
fit for you?

If any of these sound familiar, Wunderstars is probably the right choice
for you (and by probably, I mean it is. Definitely.)

If you mentally checked off one or more of these, Wunderstars can revolutionise your relationship with your agency and your clients.

I know what you’re thinking, ‘revolutionise’, really Nicole? Yes! Check out what one of our recent Wunderstars had to say about their experience on the programme:


with your agency.

Kevin's Story

“I cannot recommend Nicole and her Wunderstars coaching programme enough!

Quite honestly Nicole and her mentoring allowed me to navigate the digital world and gave me the knowledge and confidence to be able to do this on my own with her unique, positive guidance along the way. She gave me huge insights, tips and tricks into how best to use LinkedIn to help me get my business started and was there every step of the way whenever I needed help – as well as shaping my brand, something I had no idea how to even fathom and plan for.

I literally began with her programme right at the start of my journey, having just decided to dip my toe into the world of freelance – she has been there since the beginning.

I have managed to create a digital platform where I have engagement with my followers regularly, which has in turn created the financial dividends and flexibility that I was striving for. I was not confident that social media presence would bring in the business I needed, but 1 year on I cannot complain – I regularly
get new clients through the digital platform.

Thank you Nicole – you are truly amazing!”

kevin powell

Tom's Story

“I literally can't thank Nicole enough

She’s been an absolute star. She’s really helped me and my team in so many areas of my personal branding and social marketing. I can’t thank Nicole enough for all of the hard work – it’s really paid off.

Nicole’s been holding me accountable for my monthly tasks which has really helped me to focus on what’s important. She’s worked with me at my own pace without me feeling too overwhelmed.

After just a few months working with Nicole I secured a project that was over 15 x my usual project value following Nicole’s LinkedIn coaching.

Another area we’ve been working on is video marketing. I’ve always had a really big fear of getting in front of the camera and she’s helped coach me to get over those fears.

The end of last year I had a promotional video created for my company which I would never have done without Nicole’s help. I am now starting to feel much more confident in front of the camera and I’m now making videos on an ongoing basis.

Nicole has also been working with me and my team to improve my social media connections and followers for my company and we now have an audience that we can engage with. She’s also really helped the team get on board with social media and helped us to inject more personality into our marketing campaign.

Danke Nicole!”


what makes wunderstars different from every other digital agency coaching plan out there?

This is 1-on-1 coaching, designed to get you confident, empowered, enthusiastic, and most importantly, get you results.

Together, we’ll break down those inner roadblocks that prevent you from achieving what you want to, with my 5 step process for agency owner success:

  1. Reviewing what you are currently doing
  2. Identifying future goals
  3. Figuring out what needs to be done next
  4. Breaking it down into doable actions.
  5. Getting it done – with tons of guidance, accountability & empathy!

We’ll explore, define, & perfect your WUNDERS:

What's life like as
a wunderstar?

There’s no doubt about it, life as a Wunderstar certainly has it perks! Become a Wunderstar today and get ready to:

what's included with wunderstars

When you join the Wunderstars 1-on-1 Monthly Coaching Programme, you get access to:

Strategy Sessions

One 90 minute or two 45 minute strategy sessions each month.


Join ad hoc implementation sessions to help you get things done. Pick your preferred productivity Apps to keep you on track, including Notion, Google Drive, ClickUp, Basecamp, Asana or Trello.

monthly reviews

Regular video reviews of your latest social media posts and website additions to help you communicate your personal brand and core message better. Let’s land you better clients!


Regular bespoke learning challenges to boost your confidence.

inspiration & tips

Content inspiration and engagement tips for your channels. Plus tailored home work so you can get your marketing done.

office hours

Weekly ‘office hours’ where you can put your questions to me via email, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

Exclusive Training

Access to my exclusive training and personal branding tools, plus tailored ad hoc 1:1 training sessions:

  • How to identify your brand values
  • How to get to know your ideal audience
  • How to identify your super strengths and develop personal brand values
  • How to create Instagram Reels
  • How to update your LinkedIn profile in 10 easy steps
  • Wunderstars Stories Finder Exercise to help you unleash the power of storytelling
  • Sales role play

ready to get started? book a free discovery

Call with me.

No minimum commitment required, 1st month to be invoiced in
advance to secure your slot.

Investment £499

It’s natural to have a few questions… so here are a few

FAQs for you

We’ll assess together how much time you have available for Wunderstars. Either we’ll meet once a month for 90 minutes, or we will hold two meetings a month for 45 minutes each. Together we’ll tailor your ‘homework’ between calls to reflect the time you have available for implementation.

I do want to work with people who are ready to take their business to the next level, and I recommend that you commit a minimum of 60 minutes per week. I will help you create new habits for your sales, marketing and process building so that you can grow your agency.

As business owners, we’re all short of time. Making time to market yourself and your business, will help you get better paying clients and ultimately free up more of your valuable time.

I’m known for being German and efficient and I’ll share all of my productivity and time-saving hacks with you. 👍 I like working with Clickup, Asana, Google documents or Trello. You can pick your favourite system. 

We will have one 90 minute strategy session each month / or two 45  minute sessions depending on your preference. During which we review your goals, set actions and explore tactics for growing your audience, sales and agency.

At the beginning of each month, I’ll review your digital footprint and provide feedback and suggest actions to you. And if we agreed homework, such as writing a new about you page, creating a new blog, preparing a new proposal, recording a sales video – I will review these too, so that you get better and better!

I’ll share regular content ideas and engagement tips for your channels and audience to make it easy for you to create engaging channels that attract your best-fit clients.

Wunderstars will have access to my training materials, with resources covering:

  • How to get to know your ideal audience
  • How to identify your personal brand values
  • How to come up with your content sweet spot and on brand content ideas
  • How to update your LinkedIn profile in 10 easy steps
  • 10 LinkedIn tactics to grow your audience, influence and sales
  • 10 steps to growing in live video confidence
  • Sales role play
  • How to create a Reel
  • How to get your team involved 
  • How to create a social media or content marketing strategy

Most importantly, when you get stuck, have a burning question or need a bit of extra encouragement, you can contact me in between the sessions via email, WhatsApp or Facebook messenger, I’ll be holding weekly office hours so that you can continue making progress towards your goals every week! Providing you with regular accountability is important to me. 

Online training will be a combination of work-sheets, videos and exercises.

Absolutely. We will have Zoom calls every month and will keep in touch weekly via WhatsApp, email or Facebook messenger.

In between meetings, there will be tasks set to will help you meet your goals and you can ask questions whenever you are stuck  – I want you to succeed 🙂.

Yes this programme is for people who have limited knowledge of social media. My aim is to take the fear out of social media and to help you look great on your chosen channels.

We’ll explore your goals, this could include building your profile on LinkedIn to get noticed by senior decision makers or to set up a Facebook group for your clients.

I will not overwhelm you with information but rather take you through the basics at your own pace.

Yes, recruiters will check you out on LinkedIn, the world’s leading B2B platform and this programme will give you the confidence and skills to have the best possible LinkedIn presence. I’ll show you how to optimise your profile and how to grow your audience.

The aim is to get your marketing off the ground by creating all of the essential building blocks at a pace which works for you. I’ll offer consultancy for a range of building blocks, including :

  • Creating a personal brand (I’ll guide you through the process for developing values and a visual approach) so that you can be seen as the expert in your niche
  • Improving or building your website
  • Optimising your social media presence
  • Launching a newsletter and lead magnet to grow your audience
  • Planning and creating content to build an audience of people who know, like and trust you, and ultimately BUY your services.

The aim of the coaching programme is to make you self sufficient. As you earn more income, you’re likely to outsource some of the marketing activities to free up your time and enable your business to grow. For example, a social media manager could run your social media accounts.

Throughout the programme, I’ll share training videos and feedback with you and help you apply the learning to your unique situation.

We will be applying tried and tested, best branding and marketing practice. I have a wealth of experience and am skilled at breaking down goals into actions and helping people work through them, providing additional support as it’s needed.

I really want you to succeed and for this reason, am only accepting 2 new Wunderstars every month. My own website traffic grew by 200% and social media referrals by 150% within a year and I am now paid to speak at industry events.  I will take you through the same processes, presenting all the shortcuts and tons of encouragement.

Our goal: To grow your audience, to increase your visibility and to increase your agency bookings.

My first Wunderstars client increased his hourly rates by over 80% within one month of starting to work with me. We launched his first LinkedIn video (from never having recorded a video) and it had over 1200 views, 90 likes and comments within 48 hours of posting. What 5-star results! 

There is no minimum commitment for the coaching. You will be invoiced on a monthly basis. To secure your slot you need to pay in advance. You can cancel with a month’s notice. 

own your space. be different.

Be a Wunderstar.

Book a call with me to find out how I can help you grow your client base with a kick-ass social presence which demonstrates your expertise & sells your services.
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