Four Impressive About Us Page Examples to ignite your agency website

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About Us Page Examples Blog

Four Impressive About Us Page Examples to ignite your agency website

Your ‘About Us’ page is one of your most visited pages on your website. It’s your ‘let me tell you how we can help you’ page, and I’d guess it’s likely to be in the top 5 most visited pages on your site. It really matters that you get it right!

The job of the ‘About Us’ page is to build trust and to convince your visitors to take the next step in their journey with you.

This could be anything from downloading your lead magnet and joining your email list, consuming your best free content to getting in touch. It’s whatever takes them closer to purchasing from you.

Many agencies I know are amazing at marketing their clients, yet they often struggle with creating an ‘About Us’ page that not only positions them well but also is highly converting. They want to be seen as the expert in their field and convince their dream clients that they are the right choice. Your ‘About Us’ page can help you with this.

Optimise your ‘About Us’ page (and not just for SEO!) and it can be your best digital sales person – no commission nor annoying sales status meetings needed.

Clients have so much choice especially in a market where many agencies offer an identical service and outcomes for their clients. So, if you haven’t made it the best it can be for now, you’re missing out on lead generation opportunities.

If you’d like to check out my German accent, watch this ‘About Us’ Pages vlog.

What’s Your relationship with Your ‘About Us’ Page Like?

When I set up on my own 4 years ago, the thought of having to come up with website content and promoting myself on the ‘About’ page filled me with dread.

I grew up in former Eastern Germany where we didn’t have marketing as a discipline (imagine that!) and we all believed that just doing a great job was good enough.

Ditching this reluctance to market myself and stepping out on my own without a corporate branding machine to ‘package me’ has been a rollercoaster.

One thing which convinced me was ‘cyber-stalking’ really well-established marketing coaches. On my website it’s the fifth most visited page so I’m constantly looking to improve it.

I’m assuming you want to grow your agency too, and you want to get to work with more clients who get you. Does your ‘About Us’ page deliver a 5-star experience for your visitors?

If you’d like to turn it into a lead-generating machine, you’re in the right place, so read on! I’ve got four impressive digital agency examples to inspire you. They’ll work whether you have a team or you’re a one-person agency show.

Back when I was a marketing director, my job was to select digital agencies to work with, and more recently I’ve worked with them as a marketing coach. In both roles, I looked at the ‘About’ page to judge what it would be like to work with each agency.

The best ‘About’ pages made it really easy to make a case for that agency to the board or company founder. Read to the end of the post, where I’ll share with you the main mistakes you need to avoid.
These wundertips will help you to transform your own ‘About Us’ page into your best sales person for your agency.

Building Trust with Your ‘About Page’ When you Have a Team

Wondering how your ‘About’ page will build rapport and trust? Don’t panic! I’ve got two amazing examples for you!


GreenMellen excel at putting their audience first, and they build trust on their brilliant ‘About Us’ page. They lead with a super-approachable team photo: they’re walking, having fun and that’s a brilliant energy to bring across.

Green Mellen About Us Page

And then GreenMellen’s fantastic tagline shows they know what they’re audience are struggling with: “You know you must improve your company’s digital experience, but you don’t know where to start.”

Your ‘About Us’ page needs to show who your clients will be working with, and GreenMellen do this brilliantly! They call team members ‘shining stars’, and each person shares some unique facts about themselves, which is a lovely touch.

How does GreenMellen build trust and credibility and how can you do the same? They use some super convincing stats to build credibility:

  • On average it takes 27 minutes for them to respond to client requests
  • They’ve been around since 2009
  • 91% of their clients still work with them after 5 years

Maybe you could include information on how many websites you’ve built? What’s the percentage revenue increase or website conversion rate after you build a site for your clients?

The agency takes trust even building further, and there is a real opportunity for you to adapt this approach too. How? They actually ask ‘Why trust us?’

It’s not just an empty marketing strapline but they tell you exactly what they do to deserve your trust, one example is their commitment to education.

GreenMellen’s ‘About Us Page’
Recommendations for GreenMellen

As much as I love their dynamic and on-brand team photo, agencies can find it costly to keep it current if one of their team members moves on. But GreenMellen have used beautiful individual photographs too, which gives them more flexibility.

I’d also add another splash of personality by asking the team to submit a photo which shows what they like doing outside of work. Plus, director Mikey Mellen is really active on YouTube, so they might add that to their page.

Wunder tip: Video builds trust. GreenMellen could think about showing team members speaking at events, and include the logos of the conference organisers.

Build Trust When Your Agency Team is Smaller

Jammy Digital

The agency is run by Lindsay Cambridge and Martin Huntbach. The Jammy Digital ‘About Us’ page starts off with ‘How we can help you?’, which reassures their visitors they’re in the right place.

To be a great salesperson for your agency, your ‘About Us’ page needs to show you get what your dream clients are after and show how you can deliver this clearly. Jammy Digital do this so well.

They ask what’s wrong with your website and then lead on to how they can help you. Even when you’re happy with your website, you’ll always come up with things you’d like to improve.

Jammy Digital ‘About Us’ Page

They use the graph shown above to help visitors assess where their website is letting them down, and shows them that ‘website shame’ can be fixed. It’s an ingenious way to make the visitor realise what goes into a successful website.

For many clients, websites are a world of mystery. You build trust by unpacking this for them in a not too technical way. Remember, your ‘About Us’ page is written to be attractive for your dream clients, not your peers!

There’re is another thing you can learn from Jammy Digital. Many agency owners have red flags when it comes to selecting good clients for themselves – Vito Peleg shared some brilliant examples with the Atarim Facebook community recently:

Atarim Facebook Community Live Coaching Call

Jammy Digital address their red flags head-on, and it’s my favourite section on their ‘About Us’ page. They say, ‘Are we the right fit for you?’ If you write this well, your dream clients will recognise themselves and it will repel the wrong clients.

Plus, they’re showing off their fantastic content – it’s a brilliant ‘About Us’ page and I imagine it’s highly converting. When looking at your own ‘About Us’ page, is it the best it can be? Because when it is, you show what you can achieve for your clients.

Tweaks Jammy Digital Might Consider

OMG! I had to be really picky for this! I’d add a photo of when they’re on Zoom to give that authentic behind-the-scenes feel, or perhaps even have a video. Lyndsay and Martin have such brilliant chemistry and banter as a husband and wife team. Their content marketing rocks!

Show You are an Expert on your ‘About Us’ Page

I often hear agency owners say that their clients don’t view them as the expert they are. In my experience there are several ways of fixing this:

  • Commit to a content niche
  • Publish regular valuable content
  • Grow your personal brand pro-actively
  • Upgrade how you come across on all of your digital channels

And yes, your ‘About Us’ age has a massive role to play in building you as an expert and reassures visitors that they’re in the right place.

Chris Lema

His ‘About’ page is cleverly written and super-attractive to his audience. You feel like he’s taking you on a Orient Express type train journey you don’t want to end.

Really Chris’s whole website promotes working with him, and his ‘About’ page is a great example of how you can make it work for you even when it’s concise. And, you can use it to show off your expertise and make clear links to how your experience benefits your audience.

Chris goes straight in with how he can help you and what you’re struggling with – such a great way of making the ‘About You’ page a powerful sales tool. After all, when someone visits this page, they’re interested in you.

So don’t waste the opportunity by ignoring your audience’s struggles!
It’s so clever how he uses four paragraphs to show why he knows his stuff and tell you exactly how you can benefit from his experience by working with him in different ways.

And of course, there is one of his signature photos wearing a hat and looking really approachable – this makes him so memorable. Chris always wears a hat – do you have anything you can use to stand out in a good way?

And by the way, check out his blogs – they’re packed with tips for web designers and freelancers!

How Else Could Chris Stand Out?

Chris is famous for his stories. When you listen to his talks or read his blogs, you learn so much because he makes his points memorable with storytelling. Could he add a story to really play to his strengths? Perhaps show a video clip from one of his signature talks?

If you’re wondering if you could use a similar approach, this vlog might help you. Check it out and let me know what you think!

What can You Learn From his Approach?

Pick the most relevant experience for your target audience. Don’t throw everything at them because if you make it all about you, your message will get lost.

Link your experience to the most common struggles your audience faces, and laser focus into this. Doing so makes it obvious you’re the best choice to help them achieve the transformation they’re looking for.

Yes, having a niche will be essential for this. If you need help getting started with finding your own niche, watch this vlog for tips.

Cheryl Laidlaw – The fabulous London Web Girl

Cheryl Laidlaw promotes herself as a one-woman agency- yay! She shows when you grow a personal brand and promote your business so well you can charge your worth and build a name for yourself.

If you’d like to discover how Cheryl positions herself, this vlog highlights her as a leading agency owner and a personal brand

I especially like her ‘About Me’ page because it shows her potential clients what an amazing job she could do for them – it does a lot of the selling for her. She uses fun graphics and a range of photos of herself.

I love the way she tells her story and some of the struggles she had – I imagine she would have picked the most relevant guided by what she knows about her target audience.

I especially like the fun facts – they make her so memorable and provide a talking point when people get in touch. She does something else that you can use too to build trust: Use icons of clients you’ve worked with awards you’ve entered as social proof – those icons are amazing on Cheryl’s site.

What can You Learn for Your own ‘About Us’ Page?

What stories and entertaining facts can you share to show more of the real you? Have you added enough social proof to your ‘About Us’ page? If not, what examples can you include?

A Tiny Tweak for Cheryl

She’s the London Web Girl, so I’d love to see some photos of Cheryl hanging out in London using some of the iconic sights.

Use Stories to Build a Connection with Your Dream Clients

My own ‘About’ page is a work in progress! Inspired by Cheryl’s example, I’m going to make a tweak in the coming month. (you’ll have to come back to see what it is!)

I published my favourite stories about growing up in former Eastern Germany as they act as a brilliant talking point. If you don’t enjoy talking about yourself, identifying your best stories – those which make you memorable and you’re happy to share, will make it much easier.

If you’d like to discover the stories that show you in your best light, (AKA marketing), watch this vlog ‘Story Sharing for Agency Founders’ where I take you through it step by step. Spend 5 minutes listening to my German accent, and you’ll get a solid framework for identifying your best stories.

Show What You can do for Your Clients

If you’re a web designer, giving in to website shame is not an option. Your prospective clients will judge your ability to give them what they need by your own website. Sorry! I know that’s not the news you want to hear!

  • A hairdresser has to look well groomed
  • A VA has to appear organised
  • A builder’s house needs to look well kept

Wunderbar Tips for Upgrading your ‘About Us’ Page

Now, in case you break out into a cold sweat when having to promote yourself, here’s the good news first! We’ve seen earlier that Your About Us Page is as much about your audience as it is about you.

See it as a conversation opener with a ‘warm’ audience.

After all, they chose to visit your site. It’s like meeting people you know at a party – I hope this puts you at ease. Now for the wunderbar tips …

You need to get personal to get your audience to take the action. If you want a high converting ‘About You’ page, ask yourself this:

  • Who do you help the most?
  • How can you paint a picture of what would it be like to work with you, could you offer a glimpse of your process?
  • How can you show your dream clients that you understand their needs?
  • How have you earned your stripes?
  • What are your most relevant client stories and accolades?
  • How does your journey resonate with your dream clients?
  • What stories and fun facts can you share?
  • How can you show off the transformation you can achieve for them?

 Avoid These Mistakes with Your ‘About Us’ Page

Whatever you do, do NOT hide away. People need to see YOU and your team. So, avoid stock photos at all costs. It’s like buying your mum flowers from the petrol station – it won’t impress her.

Show off your real team. You don’t need fancy photos for this, great selfies that look consistent will do. Show what makes them interesting by offering some fun facts about them too.

Avoid being too corporate and boring. Instead, be friendly and approachable. Don’t use the third person on the ‘About’ page if you’re a one-man or one-woman agency.

Never just talk about yourself. This is your opportunity to show your audience how you can help them and signal what makes you different and better.

Your ‘About Us’ page needs to show off the kind of work your agency could deliver for your clients if you want it to be a brilliant sales tool. But, don’t let the need for perfection hold you back.
Launch a first version and tweak it as you get more confident with your messaging. To make your ‘About’ page great, show you understand what your ideal clients are going through, or the outcome they desire.

What makes you different from everyone else? Why should they buy from you? This is your sales page! And don’t forget social proof. Make it easy to read and use icons and photos that reflect your brand values.

Would you like to Upgrade Your ‘About Us’ Page?

I hope these examples have shown you what is possible. Are you ready to transform your own ‘About Us’ page? If so, sometimes the best way to overcome your ‘marketing roadblock’ is to get an external perspective on it plus some irresistible accountability.

If you like to talk through your ideas and get inspiration, why not book in a PowerHour with me? During our call I can give you honest feedback on how your ‘About Us’ page currently performs.
We can dig deep to better understand your target audience and the experience, stories and facts you need to high-light to show them you’re the best agency for them. I can’t wait to get to know you better! Book your session here.

If you’d rather binge-watch my social media and marketing tips for time-short digital agency owners, I can’t wait to see you over on YouTube!

About Us Page Examples Blog
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