Five reasons why you shouldn’t work with me as your marketing coach

Five Reasons Why You Shouldn't Work With Me as Your Marketing Coach

Are you looking for more profitable clients for your digital agency?

Maybe until now you’ve done just fine, securing your best leads via word-of-mouth. 

But what will happen when your pipeline becomes stale?

Maybe you’re also getting fed up with the kind of referrals you’re receiving because you find yourself stuck at the same price point, even though you’re delivering much better results for your clients as your expertise has grown over the years. 

Watch this vlog to learn how to establish yourself as an expert in your field, so that you can charge higher prices with confidence. 

What would you advise your clients?

If one of your clients cited a lack of leads as their main business challenge, you’d probably advise them to up their marketing game and to be more proactive about their lead generation.

If it’s good enough advice for your clients, shouldn’t you be following the same?

But maybe your own marketing efforts have been put on hold indefinitely because you’re too busy working on your client’s projects?

If this sounds all too familiar, a marketing coach could help you transform the way you work.

I’ve worked with dozens of digital agency owners to transform their agency’s marketing approach getting them more high-quality leads with my Wunderstars coaching programme.

But to tell you the truth, the programme might not be the right fit for your business. 

It can only be successful if I work with the right people with the right motivation and this is why I decided to write this blog.

Here are the main reasons you may NOT enjoy working with me.

One –  You prefer free content to paid for marketing training  

Learning online and binge-watching free content are such budget-friendly and time-saving ways to acquire new skills.

So they say…

I enjoy binge-watching YouTube videos, funnily enough mostly exploring how to get more views on YouTube.  

Over the years I’ve also undergone extensive online marketing training – albeit mostly paid for. 

For example, I’m a qualified Chartered Marketer which means I commit to 35 hours of professional development annually.  

The challenge with free stuff is a lack of accountability for taking actions

So on paper a lot of ‘free online learning’ often sounds too good to be true.

“Watch this video and you’ll make a million overnight…”. 

If you watch these videos and do all the things they suggest, surely you’re a marketing wizard by now. 

You’re maximising all the insights gained for better promoting your agency and attracting more highly profitable clients. 

But the trouble is that any free training is only a wise investment of your time if it prompts you to take real action consistently that will move your agency forward. 

So when you consider how you can best achieve a change in the way you promote your agency to attract better leads, it’s time for self-reflection: 

What makes you proactively drive change? 

Because you will only achieve a different outcome for your agency [better paying clients] by applying a different approach to what you’re currently doing.  

When you’re busy in your day-to-role, it’s easy to keep marketing off the priority list. 

So what could make you truly transform your habits and take action?  

If it’s extra accountability and bespoke guidance on your current situation, goal setting, and how to achieve your goals, watching freely available content may not be enough to move the needle forward?

You might need to invest in paid for training or coaching programmes that offer you regular check-ins to keep you motivated to take action and hold you accountable if you don’t.


Two: You simply aren’t willing to push yourself 

I hear you, because driving change can be uncomfortable. 

But in every difficulty lies opportunity as Einstein said. 

Yes, doing things differently takes more effort and can even cause you the odd sleepless night or sweaty palms. [I should know, having recently implemented a new email system…]

So what truly motivates you to expand your comfort zone? 


Pushing yourself and tackling your fears makes good business sense 

Let’s say you’ve recently discovered your ideal clients are into watching YouTube videos to learn new things. 

You’d love to start your own YouTube channel sharing your very own SEO expertise.

But the idea of pressing the record button fills you with dread.

This fear makes you procrastinate. 

And because you’re a long suffering perfectionist, unless you believe you look and sound like a sassy newsreader when you record your own videos, you’re not willing to take [imperfect!] action.

Never giving yourself a chance to learn and improve.  

And because of this your agency loses out on the opportunities channels like YouTube, Instagram Reels or LinkedIn Live have to offer you to stand out from your competition by sharing SEO tips tailored for your ideal clients. 

Beating video fears in action: a quick example close to home

My own video journey started over 6 years ago. 

I still get nervous on filming day. 

Despite this, over the last couple of years, I reached 4 significant YouTube milestones:

  • New Wunderstars coaching clients 
  • Over 58,000 views
  • 64th vlog published
  • First sponsorship deal signed. 

If I hadn’t pushed myself out of my comfort zone, none of this would have been possible.

Here’s my first video, I cringe when I watch it. I hope it might encourage you to give yourself permission to ‘ditch perfect’ and to simply get started.

And in case you wondered, I’ve run some very successful video learning challenges for my Wunderstars clients, helping them to step up their video marketing. 

I love spoiling them with incentives like surprise Amazon vouchers or flower deliveries when they tackle their fears. 

What helped me beat my video fears? 

For years I was crippled by video fears. 

But then I invested in an outstanding live video marketing coach – Ian Anderson Gray

The money I invested in his programme and new equipment made me more committed to keep going. 

And the bespoke training I received built my camera and technical confidence. 

Even though my live videos didn’t attract enough views, going through the experience made me believe that I had something worth sharing on YouTube.

I also learnt that video editing was not for me. 

So I started to outsource this and my YouTube management as soon as I was able to do so.

I accepted that the first 100 videos are likely to be pants, but I told myself that’s OK.   

Beating your LinkedIn fears: another quick example 

Nowadays LinkedIn is the world’s leading B2B platform. And it keeps on improving. 

Chances are your most relevant decision-makers are using it and more of your competitors are actively looking for clients on this growing social media network. 

But what if you really don’t know what to post and the idea of commenting on someone else’s post fills you with dread?

Or you’re so put off by all the spam messages you receive that you’d rather have a wisdom tooth extraction than proactively build your network on the platform.   

One of my Wunderstars worked on his LinkedIn fears. 

As a result, he attracted a project worth x15 more than his usual project value. In fact, it was such a good client that this is now emerging as the agency’s niche.

It was well worth ditching his LinkedIn hate.  

Three – You want someone to do every bit of your marketing

Like many agency owners, you’re so busy with client work that you just want someone to do all of your marketing. 

If you’ve got the budget for this, brilliant!  

But let me tell you as the agency owner, you still need to provide strategic direction to enable your new hire or an external agency to deliver fantastic results for you.

Marketing done successfully needs your input. 

With over 23 years of experience, spanning client and agency sides, I’m a marketing consultant and LinkedIin coach at heart and the only done-for-you service I offer is my new WunderContent service.  

But I work with a fantastic network of freelancers and digital agencies I’d be happy to recommend. 

And I excel at creating doable marketing plans and LinkedIn strategies – I’m German, after all! 

Get your marketing done with an oursourced marketing director or marketing coach instead

It’s so exciting working with external experts and hiring help.  

It’s the best feeling when you receive a new brand, website, new copy or social media profile headers. 

And I can be here every step of the way helping you to review concepts and sharing feedback with your creative suppliers.  

As your outsourced marketing director, I’ve helped my Wunderstars coaching clients to:

  • Write creative briefs
  • Support them in finding the best-fit supplier
  • Hire and train junior talent 
  • Create social media, marketing and content marketing strategies with their teams 

I’ve worked in marketing for over 20 years and I love giving my Wunderstars coaching clients access to my varied expertise. 

Discover everything you need to know about Wunderstars marketing coaching by reading this blog.

Four – You believe doing a great job for your clients is your marketing job done 

If you don’t invest in marketing your business you could remain the world’s best kept secret. 

Growing your agency is all about doing something brilliantly. And then telling everyone who needs to know about your expertise. 

I believe without proactively driving your marketing you risk standing still. 

If this is your approach, it’s highly unlikely you’re aiming to grow your agency and because of this, I’m afraid we won’t be a good fit for each other. 

I’m known to be super energetic, but I don’t have the patience to explain why taking scary actions as agency owner and doing your marketing works. 

I think that’s one of the reasons why I love working with digital agencies – you simply get how powerful marketing is.

I work best with people who are ambitious too and who want to achieve their version of success. 

Success comes in many forms and I get great joy from helping you to define what it means to you and helping you to get there. 

And yes, if you want to attract more profitable clients and more enjoyable projects for your agency you’ll need to work on your marketing strategy.

Five – You want to meet with your marketing coach in person

When I first started my coaching business some of my clients met with me in local coffee shops. 

Then Covid-19 meant meeting up in person was not practical. 

It made me realise that coaching via Zoom and Teams is so much more productive. 

With the time saved travelling to and from meetings, I have been able to introduce additional implementation sessions where all Wunderstars meet in a virtual co-working space to get their  marketing done.

Nowadays I invested in a good coffee machine at home and I no longer offer any face-2-face coaching meetings. 

Based on doing all my coaching calls virtually with a lot of coffee and Bretzels as snacks, over the last five years, I’ve helped my clients to:  

  • Identify what makes them remarkable to attract more profitable clients  
  • Increase their rates for new and existing clients 
  • Land bigger clients with LinkedIn 
  • Attract international speaking gigs and podcast invitations
  • Transform their websites into their best sales tool 
  • Make marketing and sales part of their daily routine
  • Get ready to outsource to free up time 
  • Train their team members to deliver social media and content marketing success

Doing all my calls virtually means that I can:

  • Offer regular implementation sessions in addition to the coaching calls 
  • Walk with my son to school in the mornings
  • Go for daily scooter rides 
  • Every couple of weeks have a Wednesday during the day cinema date with the hubby without feeling guilty 
  • Work from my mum’s garden in Hamburg during August 
  • Offer value to my ideal clients by sharing my insights on my YouTube channel and on LinkedIn 

That’s my version of success, and I’m proud that my business supports that.  

What’s next for you?

So there you have it, those are the main reasons you shouldn’t work with me.  

I hope they’ll help you see if we’re the right fit for each other. 

Although this blog might seem ueber blunt, it comes from a good place. I want to help you make the right choice. 

If Wunderstars coaching sounds like a good fit for you, why not book a 20-minute call with me to find out more. I can’t wait to meet you on Zoom! Or simply email me.

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