Achieve Rapid Agency Growth: 4 Growth Strategies and Real-Life Examples For You

Achieve Rapid Agency Growth

Want to build the kind of digital agency and attract the kind of clients that fill you with so much joy that you can’t wait to power up your computer on a Monday morning?  

If you answered yes (and why wouldn’t you?!) then you need to make agency growth your #1 priority. 

You don’t need a big marketing investment – just one of these 4 growth strategies allowed one agency owner to fill her pipeline with high-quality leads. 

4 Agency Growth Strategies That Work

Over the last 6 months I interviewed successful agency owners from across the globe to uncover their favourite growth strategies. And I can’t wait for you to adopt them too.

I share agency growth strategies and inspiring real-life examples of agency owners in this video, too, so check it out! 

Pick a Niche for Agency Growth

When asked what they wish they had started doing sooner to grow their income, a vast majority of the fast-growth agency owners I’ve spoken to said pick a niche. Don’t put this off because you don’t think it’ll work for you, or because you like being a generalist!

When you niche, you:

  • Pinpoint your ideal target audience
  • Become smarter with your marketing decisions 
  • Create a strategy for communicating your point of difference
  • Become intentional about standing out from all the generalist digital agencies 

When you niche down, you show that you truly understand the struggles and pain points of your dream clients, and show exactly how you help them. 

Your marketing and selling efforts will generate more of the right leads for your agency as you share content and client success stories that appeal to your niche!

I know you might feel hesitant to commit to a niche. 

So let’s tackle 3 niching misperceptions:  

Busting 3 Common Niching Myths  

#1 Just because you pick a niche to focus your marketing efforts doesn’t mean that you have to turn down potential clients which fall outside your niche! 

#2 It’s ok for your agency to evolve over time, so just because you pick a niche today doesn’t mean you have to stick to it forever. Trying new things and refining your offerings to suit your dream clients better is how you’ll see agency growth. 

#3 There are probably more ways to pick a niche than you expect! 

If you still don’t know how to find your niche, this video will help. You can learn from 5 real-life agency owners who have nailed their niching.  

How to attract more of your niche dream clients

Once you’ve picked your niche, make sure you get noticed by more of your dream clients. 

How? You need to toot your own horn. Share client success stories on your social media channels and your website  which will resonate most with your chosen niche. 

Do you feel awkward about tooting your own horn? 

I hear you. I don’t know many people in business who love selling themselves. 

But to grow your agency you’ve got to work on yourself. 

Because if you don’t sound confident about the services you offer and the transformation you can achieve for your clients, you won’t be able to inspire confidence in your prospects because it shows.  

Here’s a quick fix: 

Download 30 days of social media post ideas to help you get more used to tooting your own horn. 

You’ll receive content prompts which will make it so much easier to write engaging sales content that resonates with your chosen niche. 

No More Website Shame: Build a Highly Converting Sales Page

I know you are brilliant at building and designing highly functional and beautiful looking websites for your clients.

But when was the last time you checked if your own website persuades your dream clients to take the next step in their buying journey with you? 

If your website needs upgrading to appeal even more to your niche, watch this vlog to discover how successful agency owners have used their website to attract more of their dream clients.  

Isn’t it time you treated your own marketing like a client’s projects? 

Make time in your diary for building a highly converting sales page for your chosen niche so people know exactly who you help, and offer proof that you’re an expert in that area. 

A great example is Design Box, who moved into building membership websites. They have a powerful tagline that ticks all the boxes – they’re membership website builders that encourage subscriptions. 


And their dedicated sales page shows off how they can deliver all the features that membership owners are looking for: 

  • Increasing membership retention
  • Sharing online courses on the membership portal 
  • Building a thriving member community. 

If you want to ensure that your website converts, your messaging needs to be more focused than your competitors’ messages. I highly recommend you either have a dedicated sales page or make your entire website focused on your niche. 

You can see this in action in this vlog, and check out Chantal Edouard-Betsy – she builds shamelessly quick websites for creative female entrepreneurs who are ready to do serious business online. 

gency website design -Homepage example-Chantal2

Her site includes an ‘as featured in’ section which shows her guest appearances. It also builds credibility and expert authority. She uses language that will resonate with her niche: “Do you have website shame?” “It’s not all magic and goosebumps”. She knows how her clients feel.

She offers a ‘website preparation guide’ as a lead magnet, and I highly recommend you do the same. 

Your lead magnet gives people a quick win, and allows you to capture their email address. 

And don’t forget to download my lead magnet for agency owners. It will allow you to easily create posts that engage and sell.

30 Days Of Content Inspiration for Digital Agency Founders By Nicole Osborne

Having a Personal Brand Leads to Agency Growth

This is a great way for you to be seen as an expert. You don’t need a huge marketing budget to implement it and you’ll stand out from the competition. 

As the agency founder, you need to increase your own visibility so you’re immediately identifiable as an industry leader. 

In this popular vlog I showcase 5 agency owners from across the world who’ve grown their agency, influence and income by building an authentic personal brand that resonates with their dream clients. 

Read this blog if you need more convincing why a personal brand for you as the agency founder helps your agency to no longer be the world’s best secret. 

So how can you do this? 

Get comfortable with promoting your stories. Get started with finding the stories that make you look great, by reading this blog.

Learn how to share value and show off a proven track record in your chosen niche. 

Turbo charge your visibility by appearing on podcasts or even host your own. 

Invest time in your content marketing to build an audience of loyal followers who could become potential clients.

This all sounds great. 

But how do you get started? 

Decide today to become more intentional about building your own personal brand. 

Set goals. Have a plan and break it down into small achievable actions. 

With my Wunderstars coaching programme, I love helping agency owners attract more of their dream clients. See here if we might be the right fit for you. 

Raise Your Prices!

Yes, increasing your prices fuels agency growth. 

It allows you to spend less time on client work and to carve out more time for working on your agency.

But how do you do this? 

One agency owner I interviewed wanted to attract a new type of client, one who could afford her services. 

This prompted her to build her personal brand and to become the highly visible figure head of her agency. The one which totally resonated with her dream clients because she gets their struggles. 

As a result her website went from not converting at all to bringing in her dream clients. 

Read this blog featuring 5 agency owners from across the globe who excel at personal branding. 

Personal Branding Examples

Once you’ve built your personal brand, you’ll increase your visibility, demonstrate your expert status and attract your dream clients. 

In fact, if you do it right, you may find that your clients already know they want to work with you by the time they get in touch, like another agency owner I spoke to! 

What’s next in your agency growth journey?

I hope you feel inspired to take action to help you build an agency you love. 

Invest now in the future leader and agency owner you need to be.

Create a personal brand strategy and get ready for agency growth! 

And for some more inspiration and tips, sign up to my WunderMail below.

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